Turn to ESW for your customized craft programs. Below is just a sample of the hundreds of programs that we have developed. Each of the craft programs below has a similar list of course topics designed to help your employees gain craft competencies in the shortest possible time.

ESW's electrician series helps employees keep up with today's rapidly advancing technology. Classes can include: Safety, AC/DC Circuits, Semiconductors, Electronic Circuits, Digital Concepts, PLC's and Plant Systems. Each class is presented in a highly interactive hands-on format with approximately 50% lab time. ESW supplies the trainers, tools, test equipment and text.

Topics include: Safety, Power Transmission, Material Handling, Fasteners, Rigging, Pumps, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Lubrication, Power Tools, Mechanical Drawing, Precision Measurement and Sheet Metal.

Employees will learn to service your equipment, locate leaks, isolate defective components, evacuate and recharge units, operate recovery equipment, and troubleshoot HVAC systems.

Multicraft, Cross-Training and Apprenticeships
ESW will implement an existing program or help you establish a new one from start to finish. Some examples of previous programs are:
- Electronics
- Pipefitting
- Instrumentation / Combustion
- Welding / Burning
- Wireman
- Machinist (CNC)