ESW will custom design an on-the-job training program to your specification, using your operating procedures with ESW's proven training development technology and industry experts!

ESW will analyze the operator's responsibilities, breaking them down into the essential competencies required to do the job properly and safely. We then develop the appropriate instructional materials and conduct the training with ESW's proven training development methodology. The training program will consist of a trainee's guide, a trainer's guide, and a Train-the-Trainer Program. Each will be designed according to the needs of your operation - you specify the safety, productivity and maintenance issues.

Work Positon Instruction (WPI)

ESW's Training Developers are dedicated to producing your training from start to finish. The project is not passed from person to person. Our developers will work with your subject-matter expert right at your site to produce the finished products - review and cycle time are held to a minimum. Depending on the complexity of the targeted job, training development may take as little as four weeks per position.

All of this adds up to great benefits, including:
- Daily Tracking
- Competency Based Qualifications
- Mastery of Critical Tasks
- Designated Trainer
- In-Depth Content
- Pay for Skill Structure
- Logical Sequence of Training Events